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June 2014: Even though we do not update this site as much as we would like to anymore here is an update!
We added a character table to the showfont page so you can see how most characters look like directly on the font page.

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Random font: Brad Popular tags for this font:
scratched, messy, capital only, broken
The idea is to tag fonts just the same way it has become so popular to tag musicfiles. Most people have a slight clue as to what signifies a specific font. If it is a font inspired by a movie, artist or a certain age. By tagging fonts you will help each other find the right font faster and easier. You will also VERY easily find those specific fonts that you have tagged.

Why dont you get yourself a useraccount and start using the site, try out the features and start to work with fonts in a new way!

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At the time being this site is "under construction" as they say, but we are in the process of finishing of all the sweet functions to tag fonts. So if you find an empty page, or something like that, something WILL probably show up on this page later...

One thing though... We dont have that many fonts yet, so if you are sitting on some free or shareware fonts that you want to share, make sure to upload them and TAG them...

Thanks, take care and HAPPY TAGGING! ;)
Search font names and tags

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Hell Circus, IglooLaser, Blazed, Chilled, Chuck Chillout,
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