Font name: Candy Cane (Unregistered)
Creator: Michel Bujardet
License type:Shareware
Average price:9.95$
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This font is a shareware evaluation package, distributed as an evaluation
sample of the large Match Software Font Library. It is functional, but may
lack some features of the registered version. Most often, punctuations,
and upper-ascii charcaters (accented) have been removed. You have as much
time as you wish to evaluate it any way you see fit. When you have decided
it is actually fine enough for you to use it regularly, we ask that you
contribute the modest amount of $9.95. This will enable us to cover some of
the cost of development, and you will be entitled to legally use this
font, for yourself or the business your represent. You will also receive
the registered version of the font, which will be more complete.

Better yet, order the sampler on which this font is featured, for $19.95 only.
This is a great deal : a whole disk of legitimate, registered fonts, for
a very low price.

If you want to distribute this font as part of a shareware collection or
package, please contact us first, or read the guidelines included into
this archive (VENDOR.DOC, or "Distributors Welcome").

Match Software distributes many more innovative and original fonts,
created by Michel Bujardet. These creations cover exclusive display
fonts, creative discovery fonts, remarkable calligraphic fonts, and
foreign language packages. Big font publishers always produce yet another
bulk of the same. Match Software provides a brand new collection of
types, which will let you bring a fresh look to your creations. Here are
some highlights of our large catalog. If you have access to the World
Wide Web, graphic samples are available on our site : You may want to open the Catalog.url
document, which will open in your Web browser, directly on our site. More
fonts are also available there, for free download.

Unless stated otherwise, these sampler packs contain both TrueType, and
PostScript ATM Type 1 fonts. They are available for Macintosh, or
Windows-OS/2. Apart from some special decorative or discovery types, they
contain in general the whole character set, including accented,
diacritical marks and symbolic characters needed for non-english data

MFL - 2101 : Text Fonts 1
This disk offers 8 original different fonts, perfect for newsletters and
publications. Their excellent quality makes them good fabric for original
desktop publishing, pre-press and typesetting. Included are Boum-Boum,
Chapougniard, Gare de Lyon, Normographe and Technicien.

MFL - 2102 : Text Fonts 2 "Special typewriter"
This is a special pack of non-proportional, fixed-space fonts. In general,
systems such as Macintosh and Windows are provided with very few monospace
fonts, for instance Courier. Dactylographe offers a replacement closer to
Times, and a better printed result. Four styles : normal, bold, true
italics (not simply skewed), and bold-italic. Oloron is much more legible
at small point sizes, great for spreadsheet outputs. Four styles : normal,
bold, italics, and bold-italic.

MFL - 2103 : Text Fonts 3 "Fixed-width"
This is a special pack of non-proportional, fixed-space fonts. In general,
systems such as Macintosh and Windows are provided with very few monospace
fonts, for instance Courier. Bordofixed is a very nice sans-serif font,
but with heavies and lights, quite elegant. Four styles : normal, bold,
true italics (not simply skewed), and bold-italic. Normafixed is closer
to Helevtica, but with a flavor of Art-deco. Four styles : normal, bold,
true italics (not simply skewed), and bold-italic.

MFL - 2104 : Text Fonts 4
If you like Courier, you will love this proportional font, which has the
same kind of appearance, but a more elegant layout. In other words, an "i"
will take much less space than an "M" for instance, like it is the case
in Times. Four styles : normal, bold, true italics (no simply skewed), and
bold-italic. Bordini is a very nice sans-serif font, but with heavies and
lights, quite elegant. Can replace Helvetica, with a special touch. Four
styles : normal, bold, true italics (not simply skewed), and bold-italic.

MFL - 3101 : Display Fonts 1
Contains 8 original title and display fonts. Calebasse has a flavor of
the flower power era. Relief is a classical serif, with a twist. Parador
makes for Spanish style. Plexiglass looks like transparent letters.

MFL - 3102 : Display Fonts 2
A disk full of stunning title fonts. Boulons characters are made of nuts
and bolts. Exclusive. Chinoiseries is perfect for Chinese restaurant
menus. Grecques has the style of classical Greek writing. Monogrammes
will allow you to create circular logos in a snap. Yiddilatin looks like
Hebrew characters. Yogatree is made out of upside-down letters, for
special effects.

MFL - 3103 : Display Fonts 3
A collection in a disk. Great for pre-press. Baby Face and several
variations offer a typical Bahaus approach to lettering. TSF et Compagnie
have a beautiful Art Deco look, not to mention TSF Lovely, where little
hearts fill the letters, quite appropriate for love letters and Valentine

MFL - 3104 : Display Fonts 4
Stars in stripes pack. Big bacon is a very solid, heavy type, pin-striped
horizontally. Malabars offers fine diagonal stripes. Venitiennes has a
mini blind touch, and Zebrures is reminiscent of some road signs.
Cristolikid, Diodes and Display look like LCD displays. Ruban looks like
a Dymo stripe.

MFL - 3105 : Display Fonts 5
Packed with types from the turn of the century on. Bujardet Freres has
been created for adds ran by the author's ancestors during the Paris
World Fair in 1900. Metropolitain, the letters used for the famous old
fashion stations of the Paris Metro. Octogone, a very classical Art Deco

MFL - 3106 : Display Fonts 6
The fonts unavailable anywhere else, packed on a disk, great for Halloween.
Bones features characters made out of them. Three styles ; normal, black,
and oblique. Halloween is made out of "scary" pictures representing the
letters. Coulures is somewhat close to the letters used for the title of
the famous TV series "The Munsters". Letters look like they have been
covered with candle drippings. Three styles : normal, black (like the
wizards black candles), and oblique. SilBooettes is made out of shaddowy
characters, great to illustrate any kind of document : witches, sorcerers,
cats, ghosts, etc...

MFL - 4101 : Calligraphic Fonts 1
Here, the emphasis is placed on natural handwriting. Catherinette has a
touch of an older lady's handwriting. Feutre looks like modern
handwriting with a marker. Norman Prince is calligraphy for toddlers.
Willegha, a classic typeface for quill writing fans.

MFL - 7101 : Discovery Fonts 1
Each of these fonts is a real marvel of educational fun for a kid. Hours
of intelligent discoveries and mind exercise. Help in the development of
his mental and graphic skills.
- Dinosotype : real dinosaurs replace characters A-Z, 0-9 and a-z. Set
your application program to very large letters, and what you type
materialize as beautifully scary creatures, ready to jump on your printer
for collages, coloring, mobile creations, and so on. These pictures are
scientifically accurate, and could be used for natural science, although
a few Barney's like friends are also present.
- Mister Potato : this font is one of the most original treasures of the
chest. You first enter the face you want on the screen, Mr. Cauliflower,
Mr. Potato, Mr. Pumpkin, etc., and then add his eyes, arms, legs, hat,
etc. A ton of fun for one or several children, who will have hours of fun
creating new characters, and play with the printouts to create cardboard
figures, mobiles, or masks.
- Alphabetizer : A as Ant, B as Bear, C as Cat, the complete alphabet is
represented here, together with it's signifying words, and amazingly cute
drawings. Really attractive, and original text books can be generated
with this amazing novelty, a grand classic revisited. Great too for
letterheads, postcards, fairy books and lots of other marvelous projects
- Norman Prince : although there is a wealth of "script" fonts around,
none of them take into account the needs of young children, which is to
have an accurate representation of each character, as well as a style
closer to their calligraphic abilities. Here is a very nice script font,
resembling very well an excellent pupil's work. You may love it for
creating children's books, as well.
- Nahkt hieroglyphs : the mysteries of ancient Egypt are many, and so
fascinating for any age. One the most ancient civilizations has brought
to us one of the most interesting ways of writing, through figurative
symbols and icons. Write your name in hieroglyphs, as simply as you type
it in. Tell stories as the ancient scribes did, during the Pharaoh's era.
Enrich your history reports with exclusive notes in hieroglyphs.
- Halloween : do you remember the "scary" letters often used for posters
around the holidays ? Here they are, ready to jump into your computer.
Skeletons, witches, and all sorts of scary things to write very scary
letters !

MFL - 7102 : Discovery Fonts 2
From the city of angels, here are exclusive types for decorative,
spiritual and magical printouts.
Angelots :Drop-case letters, ideal for manuscript-like chapters,
proverbs, prayers, etc. Angelots-Lite : Drop-case letters, with
just a little angel picture
Sceaux : Each angel has a very special seal, his own magical signature.
Use them to enhance your life or other's, and study this revealing path
to the ancient esoteric secrets. Each angel is believed to dominate a
particular span of time along the zodiacal year.
Seraphiques : Angel's pictures, excellent to illustrate any kind of
document, from prayers to proverbs, invitations, etc. Keys A-Z contain
pictures from classical angel representations to lighter cupid
Talismans : Each angel is believed to govern a particular zodiacal sign.
Each has his own talisman, one can wear to protect from bad influences,
or enhance one's luck, health, and general well-being. Great to create
jewels and perform magical rituals.

Since 1987, Match Software has been creating great font products.

Our collection offers original fonts, not found in other collections nor
in regular commercial collections. Have a look at the following sample
catalog for an insight at their diversity.

Great FOREIGN FONTS too, if you need Russian, Hebrew, Ancient Greek,
Slovak, Armenian, Japanese, etc. These fonts would cost hundreds of
dollars in a regular store !

Many of these fonts are definitely not available elsewhere. In a boring
DTP world which used to be ruled by Times and Helvetica, make an
aesthetic statement. Get your point across with taste and originality.

These types are compatible with typesetting as well, and are successfully
used daily by the most prominent DTP specialists. Just hand them to your
competent typesetter along with your desktop publishing documents, and
you will get great films and printouts for your ads and all your graphic

Check them out at :
A special CATALOG.URL document is provided within this package. When
opened (or double-clicked) with Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer,
it takes you directly to that site.

See Order Form in the same package, to get today more great fonts to use
on your computer !


Match Software and Bujardet Freres for instance, are intellectual
property and copyright of Match Software. All others, trademarks and
brand names, or any intellectual assets mentioned in the present
documentation, are property of their respective legitimate holders.

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